The club has a limited amount of space for private boats to be racked. To rack your boat at the club, apply to the racking administrator. You will need this form (doc

 For 2017/8 the rack rates (including EA fees) are:

  • Indoor £385
  • Under Bridge/Other outdoor but undercover: £255
  • Outdoors: £215
  • Cookham Reach Sailing Club: £135
  • Trailer £15/mth
  • Spare pair of blades: £25

The club operates a first-come, first-served system with a queue when spaces are full.

Racking is subject to racking rules 

. In particular please note that:

  • Racking is only available to current full club members.
  • Racking fees are due on 1st October and if paid after 1st November will increase by £50.
  • There is a big queue for racks. If you have a rack and it is not paid for by 31st October, it may be subject to reallocation without further reference and the Committee reserves the right to sell your boat if it remains on Club premises beyond this date.
  • Although you may be allocated a particular rack, the club can ask you to move to an alternative rack at any time.
  • If you sell your boat, the rack doesn't go with it - the new owner must apply (and get in the queue!) as normal.
  • If your boat is unused, unlicenced (EA river licence) or doesn't have an EA code on it (MRC 123, where 123 is the number issued to that boat by the club) you may be asked to remove your boat, even if you have paid.
  • All private boats should be insured by their owner as they are not covered by the clubs insurance. By paying your racking fee you confirm that your boat is insured.

If you already have a rack, you can pay your racking fee via the online system.

The charges differ depending on which rack you have. Charges include the boat and one pair of sculls: additional sets are chargeable. PLEASE LABEL ANY SCULLS KEPT AT THE CLUB!