2014 11 09 gym1MRC is also open to those who just want to join to use the gym. Gym membership costs £255 for the 2017-18 membership year (pro-rata if you join part way through). Gym members can use the bar on the same basis as other members. To join, use the membership form available from our membership page.

The gym is primarily focussed on ergos (rowing machines), mats and weights, as you can see from these photographs. We also have probably the best view from any gym in the area, over Marlow Bridge and the river.

Note that there is no coaching or supervision so you must know how to use the equipment safely. Members can access the gym 7 days per week (5:30am-11pm) by access fob, although the gym is reserved for rowing squads from 4pm - 9pm Monday to Thursday, and 7am - 11am on Saturday and Sunday.

Marlow Rowing Club is a private members club and club rules do not allow the use of Marlow Rowing Club equipment for the use of Personal Trainers engaged in paid training sessions without prior agreement. Please contact the Treasurer for more information.

Membership lists will be available in the gym to ensure only members utilise gym equipment.

Gym - weights frames

Gym - ergos and frames

gym frame

gym weights