This new club website has an RSS feed (look at the bottom left of the frontpage). This allows you to be notified of new articles and alerts on this website without having to come and look at it, so you do not miss out on news, events or other changes.

You will need to subscribe to the news feed using an "aggregator":

If you use Firefox 1.5 (or above), Internet Explorer 7 or Opera, clicking on a link to an RSS feed will show you a set of options, either to subscribe to the feed within the browser, or to add the feed to one of several online news readers.

Please note however, that in older versions of IE, Firefox, and Safari, clicking on an RSS link will result in the browser simply displaying some code - this is the XML code that a "newsfeed reader" interprets. In any of these circumstances you can instead copy the link to the relevant news feed, and paste it into a subscribe or add subscription box in your feed reader.

What is RSS? RSS is a way of letting you subscribe to our news feeds through your web browser or an RSS web site.rsslogo


What is an Aggregator? An aggregator is a software application (sometimes contained within a browser itself) that automatically retrieves content from an online source (or newsfeed). You can set your aggregator (or feed reader) to subscribe to certain newsfeeds and check for new content at defined intervals.


Where can I get an Aggregator?

If you have Firefox 1.5 (or above), Internet Explorer 7 or Opera, you already have one. Otherwise, try one of these:



This explanation of RSS and links taken in part from Nominet UK's website.