Marlow men's squad had a very successful 2006 at all levels.

World Championships at Dorney lake

Marlow Member – Zac has won Gold in the Lightweight singles and with it the World record – WELL DONE! 

Nat champs

Nat champs saw some (ok wholesale) changes to the boats from Henley. The coxless crew had a single change of Clive Kennedy-Burns (Molesey) replacing Dan Tipney (who had committed to drink that weekend). This combination had been together for the commonwealth trails where they had come second in both the coxed and coxless events. With conditions in lane one worsening in the last 750m the plan was to front end the race and maintaining the lead over the rest of the course. Getting out of the blocks well even with a substantial steering wobble they covered the 1st 500 in 1.23, well head of the field building an 8 second gap at half way. Then came the pain which saw them holding on to win by only 2 seconds. To celebrate we had a Mexican wave in the boat of Paul at stroke heaving over the side, setting off 3 and then tom at 2, the lake has never looked nicer.

Miles and Matt in the open doubles were fighting hard for the bronze medal, even though Matt had leapt of his seat at the 750m mark. This unleashed the monkeys, which saw them pull back a 2 length deficit to having a canvass in front coming into the last 500. Going for home they decided to release their secret weapon, jettisoning the boat and swimming for the line. Although their transition was near perfect the swimming skills is where they lost it. As Andy Grant commented after the race “You have to be in it to swim it!”. 

The Britannia coxed four changing all but one (and that one being officially the lightest member of a coxed four at Henley) namely Matt, Miles, Dave (Goblin) and Rob McMc. Their first row together up to the start excited them all with the possibilities (they don’t get out much) having a great row down to qualify for the rep with ease. They had a very good chance of reaching the final all that stood in their way was finding a cox. After a few frantic calls to identify a cox all that remained in their way was to find the cinema that the cox was in. Long story cut short and a lot of tyre rubber around Glasgow they reached the 500m mark heading for the start to see their race heading the other way! 

Commonwealth trials 

Trial saw two Marlow boats travel to Nottingham to experience rowing offshore on a lake. Both Marlow crews did well with the coxed four ranked first and the coxless third after the first set of races. The afternoon was cancelled due to mini tsunami’s on the course. Forcing the final races to be held at Caversham two days later. With the coxless four already decided by racing at Nottingham the race was on for the coxed four spot, the four of Paul, Clive, Tom and Jim came second with the original coxed four in fourth. All in all a very strong showing for Marlow men’s squad. 


This year saw three Marlow boats at Henley from the senior men’s squad. 

A Britannia four containing from stroke: Daisy, Richard (heaviest squad member), Rob and Dave (lightweight) with Lynnsey coxing. The first round saw a nice easy race squeezing past Thames to get Thursday off (slackers) and then return for a race against York City on the Friday. In previous races both boats had carried the same speed winning or losing by only a second or so. York started strong and had the advantage at the end of the island which they never conceded winning by 3 lengths

A Wyfolds seeded four brought together just before Marlow regatta from stroke Paul, Dan, Tom and Jim. The curse of Cotter threatened them from the off (losing to a seeded crew on the 1st day on the Bucks station for the last five years) – however this year as last year Marlow were the seeded crew. As each day/race passed the confidence of the crew built, as did their fatigue. Not helped by the fact Paul wound down mid race without telling anyone else (now we know why the boat got so heavy)! Saturday against London saw the peak of their racing week with what seemed like thousands of people lining the bank to watch Marlow dominate from the end of the island posting a 6.51 at the finish even though England were playing in the World Cup at the time. Finals day came with a real chance, Thames fresh as their only race was on Saturday against Leander (who had been taken out by a pleasure boat on the way to the start and made to swap boats), Marlow still on a high from the Saturday. All was tight until the barrier where some decidedly dodgy steering from then on in saw Thames move away. Next year will be the year from the Marlow coxless four! 

A Double Sculls Challenge Cup crew consisting of Miles Sharpe and Matt Baker were always focusing on the commonwealth trials, but performed well during the regatta. Starting well they were up against the composite double of Bristol and Bath uni who only pulled away at Remenham. They continued to push hard all down the course and only lost out by only one and three quarter lengths. 


Marlow saw the first outing for the coxless four of Jim, Tom, Dan and Paul. A strong display in their first race not only ruined their lungs and made Tom look and sound like an eighty year old on 20 a day but gave them a path straight to the final of S1 4-. Come the final with replacement lungs for Tom and a stupid hat that Jim insisted on wearing the race started with Thames making all the running. Marlow holding on all down the course were down by two lengths at the 500 to go mark put in a large push for the line only to loose out by half a length (if only it was another 112m!). 

The coxed four of Daisy, Rich, Rob and Dave showed that they were up with the best in the heat losing out by 0.48 of a second in a blanket finish. This let them paddle down the course for the Rep, struggling to get the worlds laziest man (Daisy) whom was at stroke to actually work hard. In the final a hard fought race they pushed the Army (4th) all the way coming 3 seconds behind but beating York into 6th. Mile and Matt had a strong field to compete with in the double, their first race was a new experience for them in the combination. Made the final with a good race but as ever they improved each time they went out on the water and made the final where they were slightly off the pace of the winners. 


The Met regatta saw the Coxed four and a pair competing. The coxed four had the hard heat and pushed London all the way coming second and going straight to the final, the final was a repeat of the heat with Marlow going out strong but not quite getting London in their sights losing by under 1 length. Due to illness the Jim and Paul were forced into a pair, with Jim on bow side after a week of blood poisoning the headed off for the first round. After 250 meters it became clear that Jim was about to keel over as his body rebelled. Dropping the rate to 24 and with a few steering issues the somehow made the final, which they scratched. 


Sunny Gent regatta brought the German and Belgium internationals out in force, obviously trying to keep some of the wins from British clubs. Saturday saw Jim and Dave in the pair, off the start they pushed hard to get into second holding their position to the 1000m mark. Dave and Jim held the other pairs pushes well and were surprised when the pair in the next lane around a length down looked oover and then gave up. Coming into the last 500m they obviously wanted to make a point of their wind and took it up over 40 seriously increasing their boat speed to proving to the coatches that they could…unfortunately the coaches had stopped watching at the 750 to go mark…oh well. 

Saturday for the four (Daisy, Rich, Rob, Tom) saw a boat stopping crab by daisy scupper their chances of reaching the final, while the coxless (Daisy, Rich, Jim, Tom) put in a good showing but failing to make the time to reach the final. 

Tetley was out in force on the Saturday in his single showing promise, until at 750 to go he caught a bouy and went for a swim. 

Sunday saw a reshuffle in the coxed four and pair, the coxed four (Daisy, Rich, Jim, Tom) eased out to an early lead and brought the heat home to reach the final (due to Daisy newly found skills at not catching a crab), In the final it became a race between 2 boats Marlow and Molesley, with less than a length in it from start to finish the Marlow boys had a great race with Molesley (holding above 39 for the entire course) winning by ¾ of a length. Marlow Open coxed four Silver medal. 

The pair of Dave and rob had a good race but did not get the required time to reach the final. 

Eights head

The first eight coming home in 46 position Marlow’s best result for 7 years. The second eight also had a storming row coming in at 153.