Dave Hampton's Million Metres for Marlow

Also in aid of the Marlow Rowing club Fire and Building Fund I am aiming to complete one million metres on the rowing machine this winter. NB. As I am hopelessly out of condition, overweight, undertrained, unaccustomed etc etc :) I am starting with 169,927 metres already on my online Concept2 'clock' (not sure how to delete them) thereby giving me a huge start on JY... but I will need it.
Goal £ 1,000.00
0% towards our goal
£ 0.00 raised
I have also signed up to the Concept2 Million Metre Challenge. My aim is to complete (admitedly from a 170k 'head start') one million metres on the ergo before the end of March 2012. I love Marlow. I love rowing.* I rowed in GB Lightweight 8 in 1982, retiring prematurely. (*I no longer hate ergs, but that situation may well change ;) I've always loved the beauty of The Thames, Marlow Bridge, and it's four quadrants: Church, rowing club, hotel and flats. Although I've not had much to do with Marlow RC for a while (my son Tom briefly rowed here) I'd like to help do something for the club, for the town, and for me... (in terms of self-respect re-gain, weight-(re)-loss, and overall health.) Please be generous if you can. I can assure you this won't be easy for me :)