With Summer upon us and the building planning continuing it is a busy time at the club. This month:

  1. A very strong showing by the junior girls in Ghent;
  2. Three gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at National Vets;
  3. Second place on the medal table with 5 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze at the National Schools Regatta;
  4. 16th May was the club's 142nd birthday - a look back at 1871;
  5. Marlow Town Regatta is coming - volunteers required (see separate email and contact Jonathan on volunteer@marlowrowingclub.org.uk);
  6. More gold donations to the rebuilding fund (see below);
  7. Building works: progress on the appointment of professionals, the design and qualifying tenderers (see below);
  8. Offsite Plans: coming on well (see below); 
  9. Lease in progress (see below);
  10. A reminder that all Club Kit Orders or questions should go to Kerry Clarke clothing@marlowrowingclub.org.uk; 
  11. Rowing and Regatta Magazine feedback (see below); and 
  12. Accounts and AGM.

Rebuilding Fund Donations

The Watersports Hub website now records the donations made including a host of new ones - thanks to them all we now have (or have pledged, including gift aid) around £125,000 of the £400,000 we set out to raise:

Individual Gold: Larry Tracey, Dr Lynne Summers, James Peters, Paul Franklin, Peter Clark

Corporate Gold: Marlow Town Regatta and Festival, The Shanly Foundation

Silver: Mark Tracey, Natasha Tracey, Christopher Tracey, David Tracey, Guy Greenhous, Alexander Haynes, Michael Acton-Smith

Bronze: Squadron Leader Ted Casson VP, Jim Campbell (in memoriam), Ian Gordon, Katherine Bradnock, David Chalk, Graeme Armstrong, Andy and Lisa Knill, Sir Francis Ferris, Thomas Kuhne, Ali Kenny, David Hempleman-Adams, Tony Evans, Gavin Dunbar, Mike Landers, Chris Braithwaite, Shaun Dowling, John White

Other: Mark Hulme, Chris Lenton, Tom McGibbon, Clare Haley, Russell Haley, Mike Mounsdon, Sarah Jackson, Dr James Hayter

To make a donation, or ask about the scheme please contact John Yeatman via donate@marlowrowingclub.org.uk

Building Works

We have now formally appointed the professionals needed for the next stages, including the structural engineer, architect, quantity surveyor, building services and others. We are working through the planning requirements and seeking to finalise the entire specification of the building. Following a further consultation phase there have some been changes to the interior layout of the design - it is hoped that these use the space more efficiently (1st floor) and provide a more flexible layout (2nd floor). David Plaskitt, Peter Hunt and the architect have recently heard presentations from 12 bidders to shortlist to contractors for the formal bid stage. We are discussing all aspects of the project with Sport England who remain involved. Remaining to our programme is always a challenge but we are still on target at the moment.

Clearly we will be assessing how to proceed when we see the tender prices from bidders, but the intention is to commence building around September - we may have to secure a loan facility to press ahead but fundraising so far has been encouraging and we are confident that we can acheive our targets. If we delay we may run into a period of higher inflation and lose Sport England support, plus the current operating costs of the club (with changing room hire) are fairly high: moving to the future clubhouse and the income from having a working bar and visiting clubs represents the best approach.  

Offsite Plans

The plans for operating off site during the building works are progressing well. We expect to split the club (by squad) over five sites - final details and pricing are being agreed so we will say more next month. The gym site is expected to be in the town with four water sites.


We have now been sent a draft of the lease for the area under the bridge. This should now progress fairly quickly - we have got a 25 year lease with a right to renew at the end. With our freehold registration in the final stages of registration at HM Land Registry that should put the club firmly on the land for the foreseeable future.

Rowing and Regatta Magazine

The editor of BR's Rowing and Regatta magazine, Wendy Kewley, would like to come to the club on 27/28th July to get feedback from accross the club about what we think of the magazine and how it could be improved. If you have any particular views please let me know so that I can get you together with Wendy.

Accounts and AGM

There will be an AGM in August (date TBC) of the new charity. Our intention is to present the usual reports and annual accounts, although they will span two entities (the old CASC and the new Charity). We will have to file split accounts with Companies House and the Charity Commission but we think that a consolidated view will be of most use to members. 

Ed Phillips

Club Secretary