In this update:

  • River State
  • Rowing v Canoeing (Postponed)
  • Security
  • Launch Engine Thefts
  • New Years Day Icebreaker (Cancelled)
  • Club Blazers
  • Sport England submission

River State
With so much rain and the river alternating from Amber light to Red light we want to remind you of some of the information available about the river from the distance. Unfortunately we don't have webcams now, but there are some things you can look at, mainly linked from the "Can I Row" today page, including the EA river status, the Maidenhead Webcams, and the EA monitoring stations showing river height.

Longridge Canoe Club v Marlow Rowing Club
Weather permitting, we will be having an inter-club challenge between MRC and Longridge Canoe Club on [TBA - Postponed due to River Conditions].

Security& Housekeeping
A few of our regular housekeeping pleas:

* The boat house and particularly the changing rooms are being left open, often all night. If you are the last to leave (or not sure) please lock up. 

* Please turn off lights and the heaters - our electricity bill is huge.

* Boats - we are in the season of high winds and boats are easily blown off racks. All racks have ties on them and these should be used : if any of the ties are missing or in poor condition a note to John Stephenson will put it right. 

Launch Engine Thefts
There have been over 40 thefts of launches from the Upper stretch of the Thames in the past couple of weeks, including the Great Marlow School and Sir William Borlase launches from Longridge, and launches at Eton Excelsior. Please keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and challenge anyone you see near the launches out of hours..

Club Blazers
Peter Hunt is organising an order of Club Blazers. You can find out more here.

Sport England Application

After a long process to gather all the necessary paperwork and get support from surrounding clubs we have submitted our application to Sport England. We should hear their response in the first months of next year. By then we should know the position with our planning application and able to take a final decision about whether to go ahead.

Happy Christmas from the committee!