News from the club - Race Results, Building and Fundraising

Race Results: Recent racing has been at Thames Valley Trial Head (for the whole club) and Hampton (juniors) with good results in both. You can see the Maidenhead Advertiser article about TVTH (including some photos of club members in action) and a Bucks Free Press article about TVTH and Hampton. In addition, we’ve been asked to pass on the thanks of the Marlow Regatta committee to all those who supported Thames Valley Trial Head as volunteers. The regatta committee is separate to the club, but the club has traditionally been a strong supporter of the regatta.

Million Metre Man: On Valentine’s day John Yeatman completed his million metre – 1000km – stint on the ergo. He decided to row the distance in support of the fire and building fund and had a target of £1000. You can see his sponsorship page on the website here which has a picture of him slaving away and explains more about his motivation for the huge undertaking.

Learn to Row: Our new Learn to Row courses will start in March and we have three courses already filling up (Saturdays 2.30pm, Sundays 2.30pm) including a midweek one. Please help us publicise these as getting new members is critical to the future of the club. We are looking at joining a British Rowing scheme which will result in our learn to row courses resulting in a BR-standard award which will allow people to understand the level of competency being reached. The other advantage of this scheme is that BR will pay for a coach to be present during the day to support our aims of increasing the daytime use of the club by recreational and social rowers.

Club Survey & New Building: The club survey received 99 responses. There was strong (over 75%) support for totally demolishing a rebuilding the club and a range of other comments and suggestions. This information and more has been passed to the club’s retained architect and the Property Sub Committee is working with him to produce outline designs for the new building. A new design is a huge challenge; the club is on quite a tight site, in a floodplain, next to a Grade I listed bridge, in a conservation area and of course we are aware of local concerns about the level of parking. We have obtained some advice from the planners about what would be possible, and the Property Sub Committee is working on that now. Once we have that design it will be presented to the main committee and then we will be consulting with the membership and local residents. Planning applications would then follow, depending on the consultation response. Having a design will inform us about the two other issues we have to tackle: how we would keep the club going while demolition and building work is happening, and most critically of all, exactly how much we have to raise.

Fundraising: Although we do not have an exact number, it is likely we will have to raise a further £500,000 to build the clubhouse we would wish to. At least some of that may come from applications to grant making bodies, like the Lottery and that is of course being followed up. However, we will have to raise a great deal ourselves. The fundraising group is looking at a number of ways to raise the money.

Help while you shop – Amazon & Easyfundraising: On a more modest scale there is a way to help the club whenever you are shopping online.

Amazon: If you use Amazon, then it is very easy: on the front page of the website there is (right at the bottom) an Amazon search box. Type whatever you’re interested in into that box and it will do an Amazon search and take you to the Amazon pages. After that you pay the same as normal, and use Amazon as normal – but a percentage of everything you spend in that session comes to the club. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Easyfundraising: If you register with you can sign up to help the club in a similar way to the Amazon search. The site explains it all!

Environment Agency Fees: For those of you with boats, please note that the Environment Agency fees (which we collect in racking charges) have increased from £19 to £20.50 (adults) and £5 to £6 (children). If you haven't already renewed your racking and membership please do so! If you have paid already, then lucky you. We're not going to chase up the £1 difference!

Photos: We've been sent a link to some photos from the Hampton Head:  and the TVTH: (search for Marlow RC). As always, if you take photos of an event yourself, why not upload it to the club website: (you'll need to login).


Ed Phillips

Club Secretary