An update on progress from the January Committee meeting.

On Fundraising various plans were presented to the committee and the Fundraising sub-committee will draw up their plans at the next meeting. If you have any ideas to contribute and have not done so already, please contact Jonathan Walne. There will be a TV crew at the club in the coming weeks to do a couple of days filming: please make them welcome, as they're donating to the fire fund.

On roperty:

  • the survey about the rebuild finishes on Sunday - please fill it in if you haven't already;
  • the lease for the land under the bridge was due to expire in February. We have contacted the councils been offered an extension on the lease and will be discussing detailed terms with them in the next few months;
  • we have settled with the insurers for £400,000 for the buildings part of our insurance claim. This is a good result (and contrary to some rumours we were not under-insured) and further claims under our boat and contents insurance are ongoing;
  • planning permission has been granted for the temporary changing cabins, subject to a couple of conditions that we will now need to work to satisfy; and
  • other work on temporary sites to occupy during rebuilding and options for a new building are continuing and we will let you know more when these are resolved.

On owing the rowing sub-committee reported that:

  • due to the fire a large number of named boats were destroyed - some names will be kept (Sarah, Sarah Winckless, Kath Grainger, Cath Bishop, Ray Swordy and Sir Francis Ferris) but there will be boats to be named. If you want to suggest any names, suggest them to your coach/RSC rep;
  • there is a gym session available for the learn to row candidates at 8pm on a Wednesday; and
  • there is a club time trial scheduled for the 21st January.

On ther matters:

  • we had a request to reconsider the current system of requiring membership renewals in the financially difficult month of January, and to consider more flexible payment schemes (remember you can pay in three instalments already - contact the Membership Secretary). The committee agreed that the membership year should move to 1st September. The current date is fixed in the club rules, so the secretary have been asked to change this when moving to the proposed incorporated structure (see last newsletter). Transitionary arrangements and more flexible payment systems will be dealt with at the time - until then, memberships are due for renewal now, please.