This is the November update from the Committee.

Events & Fundraising


The EGM and Club Supper have now taken place. We had 155 members and guests for the club supper and all EGM resolutions were passed.  

Sadly we have had to cancel Marlow Fours and Pairs due to lack of interest, but there will be a club time trial instead - details from your coach or the Captain.

The quiz night at the River and Rowing Museum raised about £2,800 so many thanks to all those who were involved or who came. The club will have a stall at the winter market in the High Street.

While Laura continues to sell the existing ranges of club kit, there are other ranges of clothing - mainly off-the-water training and leisure kit being trialled. Please see the flyers around the club for "MRC2".

Property - Recovery

The gym has reopened and training restarted in the clubhouse and on Saturday parents of the Junior/JDS squads will be running a breakfast service (thanks to those volunteering). We still remain without proper changing facilities but we hope our planning permissions will come through in the next few weeks to allow the temporary cabins to be brought onto site.

There continues to be much work to do on our insurance claims, but engineers reports are have now been written and we hope to be able to prove the losses and rebuild costs to the insurers in the next few weeks, to enable us to make a specific claim and understand how much money will will get from the insurers. We will be getting a new raft to fill the gap left at the club by moving one to Bisham Abbey. Boats will be remaining at Bisham Abbey for the foreseeable future.

Property - Future

An invitation to tender has been sent to four architects and they have all responded in the last couple of days. The property sub-committee will be considering those responses and meeting the architects involved in order to make a recommendation to the main committee about which architect should be selected. A final decision about will be built is still a way off.


A strategy sub-committee was set up shortly after the fire; this is led by John Yeatman and has submitted its initial plans to the committee. It suggested a mission statement of "To serve the local community, providing training, support and opportunities to experience and enjoy rowing and sculling across the spectrum from Beginner to National Competition. We will offer a wide range of opportunities to meet the sporting, recreational and social needs of all members." which the committee accepted.

The group also identified three areas that the sub-committee wished to focus on, which were (i) improving the social side of the club, (ii) a focus on excellence in rowing and (iii) the longer term property issues (e.g. areas below the lock). With respect to excellence the group, after looking at results, squad size and potential felt that the senior squads (men and women) should be the focus. Some specific recommendations will be presented to the committee in due course.

A longer version of this report was issued to the newsletter list.