The committee met for its regular meeting on 12th September and to hear updates from the sub-committees. A lot of work has been done in the 5 weeks since the fire and we are well positioned for training and racing in the winter season.

Generally the committee noted the industry expertise and experience from the membership that was being contributed to the various groups and thanked those members for offering their skills for free.

Grant Fundraising: The group has reviewed the various major routes of funding. There are opportunities in this area but most will require more knowledge about the property situation before they can be applied for. The councils (RBWM and Wycombe) have met and are supportive.

Community Fundraising: There are a number of initiatives in progress or possible, including some sponsored marathons, events around Rower's Revenge, a stall at the Christmas Market and Longridge fireworks, the River and Rowing Museum evening, fundraising dinners and others.

Operations Continuity: the temporary gym at Bisham Abbey is open for business and a whole club email has gone out. The aim is to have the clubhouse gym fit for use prior to Christmas, and the committee approved the hire of temporary buildings for changing/showers/lavatory facilities which will be alongside the sculling shed. Planning permission is required but should be acheived in the same timescale. Electricity is being returned to the sculling shed and the safety traffic lights will be back in service soon.

Rowing: The new boats have been ordered, with some arriving very soon and some by Christmas. We are going to have an excellent mixed Wintech/Empacher fleet which should be a reward for those braving the cold weather training.

Property: the property group showed the committee a flowchart showing the various options and the order in which decisions will have to be taken. A form of these will be communicated in due course as the committee is conscious of the level of interest in this topic. In the interim this group is pursuing four main workstreams: securing tenure on the site, undertaking formal pricing exercises for the insurers as part of the claim, working up drafts of minimum and expanded requirements for architects to tender against (once consulted on and approved by the main committee) and looking at some of the 'construction' focussed issues in Operations Continuity.

Strategy: The group has reviewed prior work, and is seeking specific views from the committee and will present findings in due course.

Insurance: Schedules of loss for contents are being worked on. A lease for a safe storage area has been obtained from the council and certain 'at risk' items will be moved out of the boathouse shortly.

Bar: After salvage work, the main focus has moved to the club supper. The committee provisionally recommended that it be held on 2nd December and encourages all members to attend. Normal turn-out is circa 100 members and the committee would like to double that this year in a show of club unity. The committee recommended that the format and pricing bore that in mind, where possible.

General Business - Club Development: Finally the committee turned to a proposal to purchase services from Longridge including 10 hours a week of day-time support and coaching. The committee decided in principle to trial this for at least 6 months, noting that Longridge handles hundreds of daytime learners each year but is unable to offer any ongoing training or club atmosphere for them. In accordance with the club's desire to increase community amateur sport, particularly during the daytime, the committee will explore this option with the aim of taking learners from Longridge and increasing membership during the daytime sessions.