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* FirstRow 2010

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Fundraising - Shop for the club! Now there is an easy way to help the club raise money and you don't even have to stand around in the rain marshalling at a regatta! All you have to do is make sure that when you shop online you either start your shopping from the amazon search box on the front page (if you're shopping at Amazon.co.uk) or that you sign up with Easyfundraising and search from their site. In both cases we get a percentage of the money you spend, but you don't pay extra - the shops are paying us a commission for bringing you to them, even though you were going to shop there anyway. You can also help us if you have another charity or club that you introduce to Easyfundraising - if they use this link to sign up, we get a cut of what they raise and it doesn't cost them anything. Remember - every pound we can raise this way is a pound we don't have to raise from membership fees! Find out more here.


{joomplu:1014}The photo is of the Junior Girls (WJ16) at Hampden Head.


Novice Men at Henley Head in an 8Squad Reports - Novice Men: After a good result at Dorney on the 31st, the Novice Mens squad are eagerly awaiting another proper bit of competition as slightly less amateur rowers. The testing training sessions are obviously working.The results from TVTH are as follows: 4 No 1: 7:50:67, 4 No 2: 8:45:74 (blade came out of gate), The 8: 7:35:28. YouTube Video For more results from the day, visit here. These really aren't bad for a novice crew at their 2nd regatta. The 8 was the 4th fastest Marlow RC crew there so well done guys. The results for the Henley Head were as follows:4 No 1:  13:32, 4 No 2:  16:00, the 8; 13:56. A good result.  Well done to all!

Dom Williams

{joomplu:1039}Photos from first division of Henley Head: Are now on the website. 




Hat trick for the women


Jo Wright, Women's Captain

The women continue to notch up the wins this season.  At Thames Valley Trial Head Tamsin K and Emma came second in WS doubles and continuing in this trend the WIM3 quad of Emma, Fay, Sara and Julia came second as well.  The WIM3 4+ of Tamsin Mc, Hannah, Dawn and Bex earned their second win of the season and were also the fastest womens coxed 4.  The eight with recent crew changes had to move from WIM3 to WIM2 and with no opposition raced for time only.  However, they were still the fastest women's crew of the day.

Two weekends later the women raced at Henley 4's and 8's in equally cold conditions.  The best results of the day were the WIM2 quad of Tamsin K, Dani, Jo and Julia who were narrowly beaten into second and the third win of the season for the WIM3 coxed four of Tamsin Mc, Hannah, Dawn and Bex which gave them a hat trick of wins for the season so far.



Tamsin Mc, Hannah, Dawn and Bex

Lisa Knill



FirstRow will be back in September. This is a great event both for raising funds and more importantly for getting new members into the club. If you would be prepared to help organise, cox or otherwise get involved, please contact Sally.


Bar Hire: Remember that the bar is available to hire to adult members - contact the bar secretary. All bookings are subject to guarantees of responsible behaviour and prevention of any damage.


Renew your membership: It's nearly March, so if you haven't renewed your membership or racking you will need to do so soon - remember there is a 10% surcharge for most annual membership categories if you pay late.


Managing your details online: The new website system will allow you to manage some of your details online. Look in the member's area link at the dashboard and update your details areas to see how it works and to renew existing memberships and racking paid for online.

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