6 Months after fire devastated Marlow Rowing Club, stalwart member completes one million meter sponsored row.

John Yeatman completed one million meters on the rowing machine at Marlow Rowing club at 8PM on Tuesday 14th February.

Veteran Marlow Rower, John Yeatman, 50, is on schedule to complete one million meters on the rowing machine. He expects to be cheered over the last few meters by fellow club mates at around 8PM Tuesday 14th February 2012.

After the fire that devastated Marlow RC's boathouse in the early hours of 3rd August 2012, John decided he wanted to raise money towards the Club's Fire & Rebuilding Fund by undertaking a sponsored row. Starting at the beginning of September he has been steadily plugging away either on his own machine in the shed at the bottom of the garden or else on one of the rowing machines (ergometers, or ergos for short) at Marlow RC. John said: 'My aim was to complete one million metres on the ergo before the Veterans Head on 18th March 2012 followed by the British Indoor Rowing Championships in Nottingham on 25th March. That works out to about 40K or 4 good sessions a week. Just about manageable by an old duffer like me! Having been a member since 1984, Marlow Rowing Club is an institution close to my heart, not least because I met my wife there.'

'Apart from, one cold, one muscle strain and an over-training episode, it has gone very well, so I'm very happy to come in a month ahead of target. Fund-raising is going well, but I still have a little way to go to reach my target of £1,000. '

You can sponsor John via his fundraising page www.marlowrowingclub.org.uk/jy

You can follow john on Twitter @jayeatman or www.Facebook.com/JYsMillion