The clubhouse is largely inaccessible but the club got back on the water this weekend with crews out from Friday onwards. Entries are in for Maidenhead Regatta and, thanks to the support of Maidenhead Rowing Club a crew was training using a borrowed 8 there on Sunday.  


On Saturday and Sunday club members turned out in force to clear detritus, clean smoke damaged boats and recover what they could of the club equipment.


The club was also out in town where a stand was set up outside the George and Dragon to connect with the town and show them the damage caused. While there they met Corinne Haley (pictured with Chris Lenton), who told us that she was in the first ladies 4 to row at Marlow Rowing Club in the late ‘40s stroked by Bill Findlay’s wife. She then started to recall the names of the men’s eight of 1949, and reflected on how difficult it was to get ladies rowing going in those days – thankfully, things have changed for the better now. Somewhat to our surprise the remaining three members of that 1940's crew then turned up at the stand on Sunday! 

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