The results of the AGM are now available.

At the AGM, the following were elected:

President: Bill Findlay (unopposed)

Chairman: Peter Hunt (Election: PH 55 votes, Chris Lenton 22 votes, 2 spoilt papers, 3 votes to be validated)

Captain: Sally Reay (unopposed)

Secretary: Ed Phillips (unopposed)

Treasurer: Post not filled.

Bar Secretary: Marie-Lou Stephenson (unopposed)

Bar Committee: Alistair Johnston, Rob Robertson, Laurie Tilbury (unopposed)

Committee: Belinda Ford (48 votes), Jonathan Walne (47), John Stephenson (46), Mike Parsons (45), John Yeatman (44), David Chalk (44), Andy Knill (43), Colin Picton (41), Chris Lenton (41) and Russell Peacock (40). [Other candidates were Ed House (34), Rob Robertson (28) and David Jackson (20).] 

The website and committee lists will be updated shortly and I will email those involved.

Ed Phillips, Hon Sec.